Knitting yarn  Woolly Hugs Bobbel Mohair

Woolly Hugs Bobbel Mohair

Woolly Hugs Bobbel Mohair is a mohair gradient yarn with harmonious color combinations.
Each bobble consists of 4 fluffy threads lying side by side, meaning that the threads are not twisted or twisted together. At regular intervals, a single thread is replaced so that the color change comes about. Depending on the desired course, the Bobbel can be processed from the inside to the outside or vice versa.
On the inside of the ball you find a pattern for a stole!

  • Needle size : 4,5
  • Weight : 150 grams
  • Length : 420 m
  • Fibers : 45% Polyacrylic, 40 Polyamid, 15% Mohair
     Woolly Hugs Bobbel Mohair 206    Woolly Hugs Bobbel Mohair 202   Woolly Hugs Bobbel Mohair nr 203